Toolbox Sessions

Question-and-Answer Session
Rev. Adam Hamilton
Check back soon for a detailed description of Rev. Adam Hamilton's toolbox session.
Worship and Arts Center

Sacred Circles for All Ages
Rev. Dr. Leanne Hadley
This will be a hands on workshop where you will experience sacred times with God using the tools that Leanne Hadley has developed and used with all ages from toddlers to adults and in churches, schools, prisons and hospitals. And the best part, is that these tools cost next to nothing to make and you will be an expert in using them in your congregation at the close of the toolbox. 
Fleming Rehearsal Hall in the Orr Music Suite

Giving Leadership – Are you a Giver or a Taker?
Dave Farish and the North Texas Conference Board of Laity
We will discuss compelling research showing how creating and promoting giver-centric cultures improves the overall effectiveness of organizations.  We will also discuss strategies your local church can use to equip new leaders who can improve the reach of your church’s ministries and positively impact the “new spaces” in your communities.  This is for both clergy and lay church leaders.

New Faces, New Spaces – How it Can Happen Through Your Church
Rev. Steve Cook (Wesley UMC Sulphur Springs), Rev. Mark Hutchinson (Powderly UMC), Cheryl Bishop (A Time for Children, First UMC Richardson), Rev. Christopher O’Riley (Hamilton Park UMC), Rev. Linda Mayberry and Rev. Sul Chol Kwon (Webb Chapel/Immanuel Korean UMC)

Data shows that the best way to reach new people is to create something new. Throughout the Annual Conference, we are hearing stories of churches - small and large, urban and rural - who are leading the way in gathering new faces in new spaces in bold and diverse ways. So many times when we hear their stories, we wonder things like: how did they get started, how much did it cost, or how long did it take to see fruit? This toolbox will give you the opportunity to ask your practical questions of a panel of leaders from diverse ministry settings, so you will be inspired and equipped to go back to your community and explore how God is calling you to gather new faces in new spaces.
Youth Worship Center