Dallas Bethlehem Center

With 70 years of supporting families prepare the way for their success readiness, Dallas Bethlehem Center sees the best way for local neighbors and neighbors’ surrounding our service area to truly be a source of success readiness is through collaboration – a collaborative effort bent toward Spiritually Transforming Acts of Renewal.

As a faith-based mission of the United Methodist Church North Texas Conference, Dallas Bethlehem Center believes Acts 1:4-8 to be a just image and model for how God seeks to empower people to be their own source for solutions. True acts of transformation and change are enacted when all people within a community are seeking to be a spiritually transforming act of renewal for themselves and the neighborhood around them. Living out the scriptures today, DBC seeks to be a conduit for community solution minded people to connect, support, encourage and follow potential leaders living in DBC’s service area to be the transformational act of renewal we need.


Methodist Golden Cross Academic Clinic

The Methodist Dallas Golden Cross Academic Clinic offers a medical home for members of the community in need of affordable health care for internal medicine, obstetrics/gynecology, and general surgical services. Named to honor the benevolent work of the Golden Cross Ministry, the Golden Cross Academic Clinic is a modern, freestanding professional facility located in the Margaret and Robert S. Folsom Building near Methodist Dallas Medical Center.

The faculty physicians, residents, interns, registered nurses and other health care-related professionals who staff the clinic provide compassionate care, health education and outreach services to improve the health of the community. In addition to serving patients’ current wellness and chronic-illness management needs, the Golden Cross Academic Clinic provides valuable medical training and experience to doctors whose professional skills will continue to benefit the community in the future.


Wesley-Rankin Community Center

Wesley-Rankin Community Center is a United Methodist mission agency located in West Dallas. Through caring relationships, the Center partners with our West Dallas neighbors providing education and resources to drive community transformation. In the 1930s, Hattie Rankin listened to the community to know they wished for more education and activities in the hopes of preventing crime and gang violence. Almost 90 years later, the Center still walks with our West Dallas neighbors to provide education and opportunities to an often-overlooked area of Dallas.

Children and youth numbering 125 gather daily for afterschool homework help, warm meals and clubs/activities. Counselors support their socio-emotional learning and volunteers provide reading intervention. In the summer, 225 students walk through the doors of the Center to participate in B3X (Beakers, Base 10 and the Beat), an enrichment STEAM camp that, for many students, serves as summer school. This hands-on education allows children and youth to connect their textbook learning to real-world experiences.

Adult education also is a strong component of Wesley-Rankin. A Leadership Council composed of women advocate for education in local schools. They have tackled issues such as discrimination and bus systems while also hosting community meetings on housing policy and immigration. In addition, the Council creates the learning modules for parent education at the Center. Choosing courses such as financial and computer literacy and interviewing the teachers, the Leadership Council serves as the compass for the Center’s learning.