I just registered, but I'd like to change or add something. How do I do that?
You will return to the registration page and select "modify registration." You will login using your last name and email you used to register. Select the section you would like to change, then complete the remaining check out pages. 

I registered using my email, but it won't let me use the same email to register another person. What do I do?
Each person must use a different email address to create an account and register. It is not possible to use the same email twice.  You will have to find or create another email address to create another account.

I would like to pay for my registration by check. How can I do that?
If you have access to a credit or debit card, please complete your registration online. It will speed up the check-in process at conference. If you do not have access to either, please contact us to register for your meals, and you can mail a check to us.

I have dietary restrictions or food allergies. How will I know if I can eat the meals provided?
Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate any dietary restrictions or food allergies. 

Where do I park at First UMC Richardson?
Parking will be available off of 75 or Custer Road, as well as additional parking across the street from Custer Road. Shuttle service will be available to transport.  

Where will the general meals be held?
The general meals will be served in Bartula Family Life Center which is located on the Custer Road side of the campus. This will include lunches on Monday (June 4) and Tuesday (June 5) as well as the Monday evening dinner. 

I’ve paid for my meals online. Do I need cash for anything?
Yes, offerings will be collected at both worship services. Coffee and snacks will be offered at no charge to attendees; however, a “love offering” is appreciated.

I’m being commissioned or ordained on Monday night. Do I need to order a meal?
When you register, please select the appropriate option for commissionee or ordinand dinner on Monday night. You will also be able to include up to 2 guests if you are being commissioned, and up to 4 guests if you are being ordained.

My spouse would like to join me for a meal, but he/she is not planning to attend conference. Do non-voting guests need to register separately?
When you register, you will have the option to include a guest registration. This allows you to pay once for both people registering.

Why do we have to pay for a print copy of the Conference Workbook?
The North Texas Conference was one of the last conferences to move to digital workbooks several years ago. We are excited to use the resources saved by not printing and mailing workbooks to make this year’s conference more exciting and inspiring than ever.

I am not going to be able to make the meal after all. Can I get a refund?
Contact us to inquire about refunds.